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Spirit Of The Horse

“In a distant land and time when a man was judged by his courage and honour, his wealth was measured not in gold or rare jewels, but in the quality and ability of his horses.”

Spirit of the Horse is Europe’s largest and most spectacular equestrian theatre show.

Seen by more than a quarter of a million people in the UK and Ireland, Spirit of the Horse combines the extraordinary talents of over 20 horses and their riders in a unique spectacle of equestrian theatre.

Spirit of the Horse

Spirit of the Horse proved so popular it was invited to appear in Dubai, one of the world’s major equestrian centers, and was transported lock, stock, and saddle four thousand miles to the Middle East.

“This show is an ambitious celebration of the special relationship between horse and human. It is a beautifully choreographed combination of human and equine dance.”

About the show

Starring more than 20 magnificent horses from six countries in its own stunning 2,000-seat Equestrian Theatre touring arena, the lavish show with the must-see factor is here for a strictly limited season.

Choreographed to a specially-arranged musical score, blending spectacle, dramatic action, humour, poetic motion, and awe-inspiring lighting effects, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE  weaves the magic of myth and legend through man’s bonding with his oldest and most trusted ally – the horse.

Featuring a cast of equestrian stars including the legendary Spanish Dancing Horses, with their unique style, flair and passion; the thrilling Russian Cossack riders performing high-speed colourful and dramatic stunt riding – the like of which is usually confined to the realms of digital video effects; and the return of one of the most popular characters in the show’s history… the fabled Pegasus – the fabulous winged horse.

Staged in the superb Equestrian Touring Theatre specially designed for SPIRIT OF THE HORSE by the world’s leading makers of contemporary tensile structures, with state of the art lighting and sound, this is truly a world-class show appealing to all ages – and not just those who enthuse about horses.

Firmly established as one of the country’s most popular touring shows, having been seen by more than one and a half million people, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE has won a unique place in the hearts and minds of the British public – consistently performing before capacity audiences of all ages.

In a class of its own, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE is in a unique theatrical experience and unforgettable event for the ages.

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