Snow Storm - The Sensational Ice Show

In 2021 a Sensational New Ice Show – Snow Storm was staged as part of the Christmas Festivities at Manchester’s prestigious Trafford Centre. Gandeys combined world class Ice skaters with renowned Circus Artistes into a fast-paced family friendy production. Given the sell out success the show returned with SNOW STORM 2 – Ice Kingdom for the festive season in 2022 and SNOW STORM 3 – Northern Lights in 2023.

Gandeys expertise has seen them transform not only green-field but desert Sand sites with ice floor installations with lavish and brilliantly choreographed ice shows.

When the Hong Kong Government wanted to stage their first Euro-Christmas they turned to us to provide the family entertainment at the heart of the event in the ice show “The Twelve Days of Christmas” . The Sponsors branding and identity was also incorporated in the show by way of script, character incorporation and also logo beneath the ice.

Clients can choose from a selection of off the shelf productions or alternatively aa bespoke production can be created for the centerpiece of their event.

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