Ice Shows

Ice Shows, Very few sights are spectacular as the vast shimmering whiteness of 250m2 of real ice!  All the more breathtaking when created on a ‘green field’ or ‘desert sand’ site.  We have the technology and unequaled experience of bringing lavish and brilliantly choreographed ice shows to implausible locations.  

When the Hong Kong Government wanted to stage their first Euro Christmas Festival – they turned to us to provide the family entertainment at the heart of the event – the spectacular Ice Show

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” Strong corporate branding woven into the fabric of the show provided a high and ever-present sponsor identity. 

 From arena to theme parks, shows can be costumed and choreographed to incorporate client’s character, products, or corporate branding. A full Ice show with anything from 2 – 50 skaters can be produced to your requirements to make a sensational centerpiece for any event.

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