Project Management

From large scale circus events, to exquisite cabaret shows. We manage projects from any concept through to their fulfilment and everything in between. We provide an extraordinary service to clients and customers. Our staff are experts in project management, digital marketing, and delivery.


Through vigorous organisation, our logistics team work around the clock to ensure the smoothest possible process for our clients and customers. The logistics team does everything from processing visas, to organising travel routes by air, sea, and land, and managing accommodation.

Health and Safety

Our team of experts are specially trained in event safety, with decades of experience in crowd management, capacity calculations, event licensing. 


Our team’s vision and creative direction is a core part of delivering the best shows in the industry. With a passion for telling engaging narratives that resonate with all audiences, we bring unbelievable productions, designs and experiences. No concept is too big or too small.


Whether it is a creative strategy to produce a breathtaking experience, or a brand strategy to find your position in the market. 


Our shows consist of world renowned artists from all across the globe. We work alongside the biggest names in circus, cabaret and event organisation to deliver the best experience for our clients and customers.